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Custom Visual Design for Marching Band and Drum Corps

Take the Field Designs is custom marching band drill/visual design by Adam Nelson and custom arranging/composition by Jesse Chavez

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Coming Attractions

As this is my first blog, I figure that an introduction is in order. HI! I'm Adam A Nelson. I am the Owner and Visual Designer of Take the Field Designs. I've decided to start this blog for many reasons. The simplest one is that I really do enjoy writing, even if it isn't with dots. I also want to inject myself into the conversations happening around the marching arts. 

My first official blog post, set to debut very soon, will be jumping right in the deep end: "Is Marching Band a Sport"?

I plan to take on the more controversial topics, because some topics are just too short for a blog (Seriously Shakos? Aussies all the way). So keep munching popcorn as I present trailers for even more blog posts to come, such as...

"Dot vs Guiding!"

"The UIL judging system"

"Woodwinds in Drum Corps"

"Tim Hinton's Upper-Body Workout"...(seriously that dude is ripped!)

"How to succeed in BOA Grand Nationals without really trying"

"The Death of a Sousaphone Salesman"

"Balancing the pyramid of sound with Synth Bass and Piccolos"

"Why do Guard girls like Drummers? - Dating tips for young Brass players"

And my most anticipated blog...

"Horn Players: Civil War - The World's sexiest horn player: Gail Williams vs Ewan McGregor"


Ooh, help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! Sure to be a hotly contested matchup! Don't miss any of these exciting blog entries! Talk to ya soon!

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