Take the Field Designs

Custom Visual Design for Marching Band and Drum Corps

Take the Field Designs is custom marching band drill/visual design by Adam Nelson and custom arranging/composition by Jesse Chavez


The page below should answer some of the questions you may have about Take The Field Designs. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at adam@takethefielddesigns.com

How do you design your drill?

I use the latest version of Pyware 3D to design my drill. You will get Drill Charts in 2 sizes, comprehensive learning and cleaning instructions, complete Coordinate Sheets (dot books) for you (a sheet labeling all the dots on each page) and your performers, and a video of the drill synced to your provided audio. 

What is your writing style?

I pay particular attention to staging so that your ensemble can play the music in a conducive manner. The other design priorities are creating those big GE moments, and finding a unique or compelling way to get in and out of them. 

Input from you, your guard instructor, percussion instructor, your arranger and even your technicians can help me design a show that best fits your performers and your audience, whether that be the parents at halftime or the judges at competitions. 

Do you have any special offers?

Yes! If you pay your deposit by April 1st, we will give you an additional 10% off!

Do you offer clinics?

Yes! A Free Day Clinic to help your band learn or clean the show (with affordable prices for additional days) is included in with each design package. The only added expense is a few tanks of gas (or a cheap flight) to get me to your practice field! Adam is also available for Expense-Free Clinics within 60 miles of Chicago.

Why should I hire Take The Field Designs? How are you different from other writers/arrangers?

1. LIMITED WORK LOAD - I accept a limited amount of clients. Your show will never be late, it will never be put on the back burner, and we will never phone-in drill or music while focusing solely on other clients.

2. ATTENTION TO DETAIL - I know that the amount of responsibilities put on the performers (and the teachers!) can seem insurmountable. So I give you as much information as possible to ease the learning and cleaning process. I include guide points, intervals, facing, step size, pathways, subsets, alternate parts/pages, visuals, count-by-count details of complex moves, equipment changes, etc. 

3. COMMUNICATION - Collaboration between you, myself, and the rest of your design team and teaching staff is the best way to create the most comprehensive and achievable design. I try to accommodate any and all requests including (but not limited to) Guard staging and equipment changes, tempo restrictions, local judging criteria, page and step size limitations etc. I'll stay in touch with you during the whole design process. I often write one or more concepts for a section of the show and share it with you so you can have a final say in its inclusion.

4. AFFORDABILITY - I want to work with your budget. It is in my interest to not only provide you with an exciting and achievable product, but also have my work seen and heard by as many people as possible. For the moment, this desire is reflected in my price. Add that to the many discounts that I offer and you've got a Visual and/or Music design that fits your budget!

5. FREE CLINIC INCLUDED! - If you can help me travel to your rehearsal site, we can help your band learn or clean the drill or music! If you live within 60 miles of Chicago, there are no additional expenses! Want me for a full week of band camp? You get one day free!

6. REVISIONS INCLUDED! - Your band is likely to have some changes. Maybe your numbers change because of midterms or illness. Maybe a specific drill move isn't working. Maybe your big soloist got braces over the summer. If there are any issues that are due to my error or misjudgment, or if you lose a minimum amount of marchers, I will revise the drill at no additional charge.

7. FLEXIBILITY - Email me. Skype me. Call me. Text me. I am eager to assist you as quickly and as effectively as possible!

All materials © Copyright Adam Nelson