Take the Field Designs

Custom Visual Design for Marching Band and Drum Corps

Take the Field Designs is custom marching band drill/visual design by Adam Nelson and custom arranging/composition by Jesse Chavez

Visual Design Packages

These package descriptions are very generalized - specific parameters of the design (like Step Size, Guard/Drumline integration, Field Placement etc) are discussed and ultimately dictated by the Director and other staff so that your band has the best chance of success. Overall price depends on your band's size, show length (in desired drill pages) and competitive aspirations.

halftime pricing icon.png

Halftime Show

This package is designed for bands who perform for halftime at football games and do not perform at contests or competitions. Step sizes are always 8-to-5 or smaller, with rare exceptions. Forms are written to the field with easy intervals and guide points. Pass-throughs are avoided. Most of the show is staged in the middle and front of the field. 

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Standard Show

This package is designed for bands who perform for halftime at football games and compete in a minimum amount of contests throughout the marching season. This show will be accessible for your audience and achievable for your performers. Relevant judging criteria will be accounted for in the design. Step sizes may reach 6-to-5. Forms are mostly written to the field, with varying intervals and guide points. Pass-throughs are utilized at a minimum. The show will generally be staged in the front half of the field.

competitive pricing icon.png

Competitive Show

This package is designed for motivated marching bands who perform in local, regional and/or national competitions. The judging criteria of your competition circuit will be paramount in the design. Judges generally recognize the wide variety of responsibilities expected of the performers as well as their level of achievement. This requires setting challenging yet achievable goals specifically catered to your band's unique strengths and weaknesses - a perk that can only be guaranteed with a custom drill design. Some of those rewarding challenges may include the following: Step sizes that exceed 6-to-5, challenging interval and guiding responsibilities, fully integrated Guard and Drumline, potential pass-throughs, and a show that utilizes the entire field as a stage.

What I Need

1. 50% deposit and signed contract

2. Full Scores

3. Full Instrumentation - How many are in each specific section? Are some or all of your guard on varying equipment? What are your strong and/or weak sections? Who are your soloists?

4. Recordings of the musical selections. 

5. Contact information for all of your other staff/designers. It helps tremendously if I can be in direct contact with your guard instructor, percussion tech, assistant band directors, etc. This helps me design a show that best fits your ensemble!

What You Get

1. .pdf copy of the Drill Charts (with detailed instructions on count structures, facing, guiding and cleaning tips etc), Performer and Director Coordinate Sheets, Full Score and Individual Parts. 

2. A video file of the animated drill, synced to the arrangement. You will get the animated drill chart as well as the animated 3D real view. 

3. Is your band within driving distance of Chicago, IL? You will also receive one complimentary clinic from Adam! You may use this to help learn the drill during band camp or clean it before contest. 

4. I can also provide you with a drill file for the Pyware app, available on tablet and smart devices. 

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